Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How to Design a Unique and Unforgettable Logo

A Unique Logo is the most important symbol of the organization. A Logo is the first impression that the company present to the public, which carries goal and ideas to the people.   A successful logo has been unique, meaningful, appropriate, perfection, graphical and simple. 
To make a unique logo we have to take some important step described below.

How should a unique logo look like

Unique Logo

1. Questionnaires 

Make the questionnaires before design the logo. The questionnaires about the goal of the organization, what the organizations want to represent with their logo. Which color is relevant, which symbol is relevant etc. 

2. Research 

Research before starting design. See some reference popular logo related with yours find out what they represent with their logo. Also find out some resource and reference logo to improve your ideas. 

3. Think and Sketching 

Think how should be the Logo. Then sketch some rough drawings of the logo. Make the logo meaningful. 

4. Design

Now design the logo selecting from the sketches. Design it in vector graphic format to get the better result for using on anything you want. Design it as simple as it can be. Never make the logo complex.

5. Presentation 

Make a presentation about the logo. And try to make understand people what you represent with the logo. 

6. Review 

Review the logo and correct the mistake as per the review. 
This is the basic step to make a Unique and Unforgettable Logo. Beside these there are some more thing that we have to follow to make a Unique Logo. I have describe it below  

a. Draw irregular shape.
b. Match the font with shape style.
c. Make a layout simple and clear. 
d. Select the color which adhere to the industry.
e. Make few effect.
f. Match font size with shape size. 

Let’s start to design a Unique and Unforgettable Logo using the above point.

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  1. Each company or business should have their own unique logo to give their business their own brand.